Hong Kong population (PDF)
Population by age-group
Population by sex
Expectation of life at birth and total fertility rate
Population aged 15+ by educational attainment
Gross Domestic Product and its major components (PDF)
Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
Per capita GDP at current market prices
Private consumption expenditure
Investment expenditure
External sector (PDF)
Exports of goods
Imports and retained imports of goods
Exports and imports of services
Trade balances
Regional headquarters/offices and external investments (PDF)
Foreign regional headquarters/offices in Hong Kong
International investment position
Inward direct investment in market value
Outward direct investment in market value
Prices (PDF)
Composite Consumer Price Index
GDP deflator
Import price and export price
Property Rental Indices
Assets market, exchange rates and interest rates (PDF)
Hang Seng Index
Property Price Indices
Effective Exchange Rate Indices
Interest rates
Labour market (PDF)
Unemployment rate
Total labour force and total employment
Composite employment by sector
Labour income
Other economic indicators (PDF)
Retail sales
Visitor arrivals
Container and air cargo throughputs
Business receipts of selected sectors